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According to the GST rule, GST registration appears to be a crucial and essential step for present taxpayers. Once you correctly complete the registration form, you are ready to proceed. But what if you accidentally entered false information or omitted certain required fields? Because of this, there is another solution for you to solve the problem: modifying your GST registration.

An application for GST registration amendments can be submitted if the information provided to the GST Common Portal needs to be changed after receiving GST registration. The applicant must sign the GST Amendment Application Form GST REG-14 within 15 days from creating the Application. The GST amendment application requires electronic verification for signing the submitting the application.



Amendment in a core field

Amendment in a non-core field





Amendment in Business Name

If a company modifies its legal name in any way, the GST registration certificate need not be cancelled. The present GST registration can be updated to reflect the new business name. Changes to business names can be updated on the GST portal by completing FORM GST REG-14 within 15 days after the name change.

The GST Officer is expected to verify the application and approve the Amendment to the business name within 15 working days of the application for a change in the business name being filed in FORM GST REG-15. Upon ratification, the Amendment would go into effect as of the day the event calling for it occurred.

Changes in Business Address

GST FORM REG-14 can be submitted whenever the principal place of business or any additional locations’ addresses change. The GST registration amendment application must include proof of the new address for address changes.

Within 15 days of the Amendment, all address changes that have been entered in the GST site must be updated. The GST office will authorize the change after receiving an application for a change of GST address within 15 days. When the officer approves an amendment, the officer will use the event’s date of occurrence as the date of the amendment.

Changes in Promoter Information

A GST amendment application must be submitted within 15 days of the occurrence of any event that results in the addition, deletion, or retirement of partners, directors, Karta, managing committee, board of trustees, chief executive officer, or an equivalent, who are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the business.

Details on the new promoter, including name and address verification, as well as a GST Declaration for Authorized Signatory, must be included in the new GST amendment application. After 15 days of receiving a GST adjustment application, the responsible officer would either approve the change or ask for more information.

Changes in Mobile Number or Email ID

The Authorized Signatory may use their digital signature to make any amendments to the mobile number or email address listed on the GST Common Portal following an online verification procedure. A GST amendment application does not need to be filed or verified by an officer for changes to a mobile number or email address. Updates to an email address or mobile number are regarded as normal changes in the GST Common Portal.

Changes in PAN

A GST Amendment application cannot be made if a business’s PAN or organizational structure changes. Only a fresh GST registration application in FORM GST REG-01 may be submitted for PAN Amendments.



The individual may reapply for the core Amendment only if the concerned tax authority rejects the previously submitted application for the core amendment after generating the ARN for the core field amendment and waiting for the tax authority to process the application.

Any of the following messages will appear in the verification status:

Pending for Processing – Amendment application successfully submitted and ARN generated.

Pending for Validation –  After submitting the Amendment Application, awaiting the generation of ARN.

Validation Error – If the validation is unsuccessful, the Amendment Application will not be submitted until the ARN is generated.



The EPF Act exempts from registration any firm or facility with less than twenty employees.

Yes, you must upload the following documents as proof of the premises' nature of possession in Additional Places of Business:

For Owned Properties: Any property ownership proof, such as the most recent Property Tax Receipt, a copy of the Municipal Khata, or an electricity bill.

For Rent or Lease properties: A copy of the current rent or lease agreement should be provided, together with any documentation proving the lessor's ownership of the property, such as the most recent property tax receipt, a copy of an electricity bill or municipal khata.

For Shared Properties: A copy of the consent letter should be sent along with any documentation proving the consenter's ownership of the location, such as a copy of the municipal khata or an electricity bill.

Yes, you have 15 days to save your application for an amendment to your registration. The application for amendment in registration shall, however, be automatically erased if you do not submit it within 15 days of starting, filing, or initiating it.


The taxpayer is required to give justification for each alteration.


Yes, you must digitally authenticate the application for Amendment of Registration using DSC, E-Sign, or EVC as appropriate before submitting it on the GST Portal, exactly like you did with your original registration application.


A new Primary Signatory must be added before the Primary Authorized Signatory is removed.


You can submit the amendment of a non-core field simultaneously, this will not affect the existing request in the core field.


No, you cannot create new amendment application in core or non-core field, when the approval status is in pending.

After the taxpayer successfully files the amendment, it is automatically approved and does not need to be processed by the tax official.

The Tax Official must approve any changes to Core fields. The application is automatically approved after the allotted period if the tax office doesn't take any action.

You will be informed by SMS and email after the amendment application has been approved or denied. You can view and download the approval order (REG 15) as well on the dashboard. Also, the taxpayer can get an altered registration certificate from his dashboard containing the updated information.

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